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The responsibility of words; the challenge of silence.

Do you see people who are quick to speak? There is more hope for fools than for them. -Psalm 29:20 Words are binding. They create promises, expectations, relationships, and reality. They carry the potential to hurt or heal. To delight or disappoint. To shock and surprise. This is true in all facets of life – … Continue reading

…mean what they say.

This quarter I am taking a directed study Seminary course on the art of reading the Bible. What I’ve come to see is that this practice also encompasses the art of being alive, of being human, and of living in relationship with others and the Other. In its simplest form I’m learning that an artful … Continue reading

Making Up Words

If I had to describe the story we are living (on cosmic, personal, and community scales) it would be this: OTHER–NESS becomes US–NESS so we can live a new and radical kind of ONE–ANOTHER–NESS. When words fail to capture the mystery of reality, I think it’s sometimes necessary to make up new ones; to create words … Continue reading

New Words

You know when you stumble upon a word and you suddenly start seeing, saying, and writing it everywhere? When your language repertoire envelops a new word. Not necessarily a word you’ve never used (or known) before, but one that enters with a new frequency and force. You become hyper aware of (and almost embarrassed by) its presence … Continue reading

Serious Charm

What do we do with important ideas? Because merely having them doesn’t count for much. The charm of our imagination, our words, and the spaces between them become the stories we tell. These stories have the power to determine if someone listens to and trusts what we say. Stories spread ideas. Important ideas need better … Continue reading

Tarried or Stuck.

Some synonyms: Tarry (v.) // linger, stay, remain, pause, (a)bide, wait, dawdle. Stuck (v.) // remain, stay, linger, dwell, persist, continue, last, endure, burn. Are these two words different? I feel an intrinsic draw to the idea of tarryness. It feels holy, intentional, strong. Yet stuckness exposes my fear of being trapped, claustrophobic, static, boring, afraid. How do two words that are … Continue reading

Words (really do) Matter.

Last night I was doing some reading about Just War Theory for my ethics class.  The 4th rule (there are 8 of them total) says that in order for a war to be just, it must have a Just Intention (final cause, or future aim). Immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks the Pentagon code-named the U.S. … Continue reading

Another reason I love words.

In the depths of the darkness that can consume us, I believe we must put our thoughts into words.  We need to tell our stories because in doing so we are no longer held captive to the darkness.  We learn that we are not alone.  We see light and experience hope. I believe that words … Continue reading

Say Something.

Over the next week or so I’m going to be blogging some thoughts on the kind of person I want to be. In no way am I already all (or any) of these things.  But as I’m growing and learning and experiencing life and relationships and nexts, I hope to be intentional in who I’m … Continue reading

3 Words

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It Goes On.“ -Robert Frost

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