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Where are you?

I got this picture from a YL camp speaker a few years ago.  He suggested Leaders use it to start cabin time conversations. He promised we’d be surprised by how well it initiated deeper conversation with high schoolers.  I was skeptical, I mean it’s a dumb picture of a bunch of kids climbing a tree. … Continue reading

The Problem with How-to

The movie “How To Train Your Dragon” is great!  While it follows a somewhat predictable cartoon plot line – within a community an unlikely and ill-equipped hero emerges to solve some huge eminent threat (think Finding Nemo, Horton Hears a Who, Up, Shrek, etc. etc.) – the animation is impressive and the story is imaginative … Continue reading

Here it goes.

Well, as 2010 soon approaches I have decided to start a blog.  I’m not crazy about the idea of New Year’s Resolutions (which feel contrived and cliche), but I do like the idea of beginning. So in the beginning of 2010 I am starting a blog. I don’t know why exactly I’m doing this except … Continue reading

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