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You don’t control.

“I can participate in creating something I do not control.” -Peter Block, in The Answer To How Is Yes (Bold claim coming…) This is life’s central tension. We exist in a space that we have little (if any) control over.  And if you don’t already know this, I predict the epiphany is not far off.  … Continue reading

Inner Space

Last week at the Young Life All-Staff Celebration I learned that pastoral leaders: Experience emotion more deeply than others Offer a defensive, superlative self (a.k.a. they need to be liked) Carry a depressive trait (twice the national average) Know shame intimately Like to have their own thoughts, do their own thing, and go their own … Continue reading

The Memory of a Memory

What is nostalgia?  I typed that question and then had to go look up the word because I wasn’t actually sure.  As you are probably saying to yourself right now, yes, nostalgia is a longing for the past, often in an idealized form.  But Wikipedia also told me it comes from a compound of  two … Continue reading

This is hard to grasp.

In about 125 words, the story of Achan (from the book of Joshua, chapter 7) goes something like this: After 40 years in the desert, God’s people finally enter the promised land.  Joshua, their leader, is the man.  The bible says that God “is with him,” and so the Israelites conquer Jericho and are feeling … Continue reading

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