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For now, I matter.

Permanent: Forever always remain, stuck. One choice really, makes them all. But, what, is permanent? Life? No. Death? Not even that. What dies today becomes the breath; the physical and spiritual sustenance of tomorrow. Icebergs melt. Fires destroy forests. The tallest buildings crumble. The mightiest of empires collapse. Hearts break and heal. Babies grow up. … Continue reading

Do you get it yet?

The answer, I think, should always be no. Like a good poem, or a meaningful song, you don’t ‘get’ it in the first experience. What about the 20th reading? Or the hundredth time you’ve heard it? How long until you get it; until you can check that box and move on to the next one? The good, … Continue reading

Tarried or Stuck.

Some synonyms: Tarry (v.) // linger, stay, remain, pause, (a)bide, wait, dawdle. Stuck (v.) // remain, stay, linger, dwell, persist, continue, last, endure, burn. Are these two words different? I feel an intrinsic draw to the idea of tarryness. It feels holy, intentional, strong. Yet stuckness exposes my fear of being trapped, claustrophobic, static, boring, afraid. How do two words that are … Continue reading

Another reason I love words.

In the depths of the darkness that can consume us, I believe we must put our thoughts into words.  We need to tell our stories because in doing so we are no longer held captive to the darkness.  We learn that we are not alone.  We see light and experience hope. I believe that words … Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons

What do you do when life isn’t what you expected? (And you should know that this is bound to happen eventually. I promise. It’s just that no one prepares you for it when you’re young.) I’m not claiming to know the answer for sure, because I don’t. And I’m not claiming to know something that’s … Continue reading

The Wrong Questions

“So much of life, really, comes down to asking the wrong questions.” This is as true as it is in business as in life as in art as in relationships. I’ve spent so much time and energy and creativity asking questions that didn’t (and aren’t) getting me anywhere. At least anywhere that I want to … Continue reading

What’s in your lunch box?

I’m on a plane, en route to San Francisco, and there is a kid in front of me hysterically screaming – for significantly longer than is acceptable or appreciated as far as plane etiquette goes. It’s an early flight, cabin lights turned off, completely dark outside, almost everyone on the plane sleeping…until this screaming episode. … Continue reading


“And an astronaut could’ve seen the hunger in my eyes from space.” This is a line from the song “Woke Up New“ by The Mountain Goats.  It’s a great song that tells the story of waking up to a life that you didn’t picture yourself living.  There’s a sense of loneliness and fear, but also innocent … Continue reading

Move it.

Often, in the midst of life’s big decisions and heartache people wonder, Where is God in all this?  Why isn’t He showing up and telling me what to do?  Why isn’t He doing anything to fix it? I agree that it’s hard to believe, let alone tangibly experience, that God is active and moving both … Continue reading

Define the culture.

There is a culture behind, beyond, throughout, and above everything you are a part of – whether it’s a job, a team, a PTA board, a family, a relationship – all if has a culture. It’s not just what you do (a valid question) or why you do it (a great question), but what it … Continue reading

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