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Difficult Business

In light of otherness, us-ness, and one-another-ness, I think the question becomes: What does this mean for how I live? How do I participate in this radical, one-anothering kind of life? Peter Block wrote a wonderful book titled, The Answer to How Is Yes. Our biggest life questions don’t require mechanical, step-by-step answers (as if those could even … Continue reading

(3): One-another-ness

One-another-ness is the way our us-ness combines with otherness. It’s the way we live together: in defined and chosen communities (in part), but also, and more importantly, in how we exist or fill in the boundaries between our bodies. One-another-ness is how we share with each other, how we treat each other’s bodies, and how … Continue reading

(1): Otherness

The other is our neighbor. The stranger. Our enemy. Whoever or whatever is not me. The wholly Other is whatever notion of God you feel comfortable ascribing to. What defines, distinguishes, and creates otherness are the boundaries between things. In the case of human persons, otherness comes from the boundaries between bodies. [Wendell Berry has a ton of … Continue reading

Making Up Words

If I had to describe the story we are living (on cosmic, personal, and community scales) it would be this: OTHER–NESS becomes US–NESS so we can live a new and radical kind of ONE–ANOTHER–NESS. When words fail to capture the mystery of reality, I think it’s sometimes necessary to make up new ones; to create words … Continue reading

Order Matters.

How stories begin and end change the way we perceive what happens in between. A story’s order matters. “Once upon a time” sets our expectations for what will follow, just as “happily ever after” helps us understand what just took place. The arrangement of a story – where it begins, where it ends, and what happens … Continue reading

How you get there matters.

I was laying on my back, feet on the ground, hips in the air, rolled back on the top of my head, gazing to the right. I think the English name for it was the tire. For some passerby the pose probably looked harmless enough, dare I say easy. But the teacher took us through … Continue reading

Tarried or Stuck.

Some synonyms: Tarry (v.) // linger, stay, remain, pause, (a)bide, wait, dawdle. Stuck (v.) // remain, stay, linger, dwell, persist, continue, last, endure, burn. Are these two words different? I feel an intrinsic draw to the idea of tarryness. It feels holy, intentional, strong. Yet stuckness exposes my fear of being trapped, claustrophobic, static, boring, afraid. How do two words that are … Continue reading

When I look out my window,

When I look out my window, this is what I see – the beautiful San Gabriel mountains (yes, and the 210 highway). The picture hardly does justice to their presence; their sheer, yet unassuming magnitude. How everyday they seem to quietly express a new quality of themselves, as if these huge, immovable mountains contain a … Continue reading

How I see it.

Meryl Streep is undeniably amazing.  She holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations (17) and the most Golden Globe wins (8).  She went to Yale.  She’s (still) married and has four kids.  She has the unique and uncanny ability to become any character: a Nazi death camp inmate, a nun, a divorced wife, … Continue reading

Into the Dark

Along with writing on this blog, I also write for the website rednow.com (that’s wonder spelled backwards…get it? Cool, right?).  You can read more about the site by clicking here.  We are in the process of re-branding, improving, and re-launching the platform from which we hope to point people (like YOU!) towards experiences of wonder; … Continue reading

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