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No one is looking.

Have you ever wanted to discover who you are? And I mean the real you. The irreducible image of yourself. Whatever is beneath all the layers of stage play and the heavy weight of expectations and assumptions. The depths, not of who you want to be, but of who you really are. I think we’ve falsely attributed the quest … Continue reading

Making reality disappear.

I heard this quote on NPR the other day (I think in an All Things Considered interview with some musician): “To make something real you have to make reality disappear.” Maybe it’s a spontaneous dance party or taking the long way home from work with the windows down and the music blaring. Maybe it’s a long walk or … Continue reading

A Contest Over Social Imagination

This is an excerpt from a book about torture. While I can only hope (and assume) that none of us will ever be victims or perpetrators of torture, I believe this is hugely significant in addressing what I believe is the fundamental question of our existence: What is real? “Modern torture as practiced in Chile … Continue reading

Reality is in the Particular

Where do you discover what’s real? Is it in general principles, general abstractions, general experience?  Is reality found in the universal?  OR, do you discover reality in particular natures, particular stories, particular characters?  Is reality found in the here and now? Our philosophies teach us to be generalists.  We assume that reality, by nature, must … Continue reading


This morning I was hanging out with my friend Carolyn and had the urge to read the Velveteen Rabbit story.  (I bought it as a gift for some friends who were having a baby, but never gave it to them.  And now I think I’m going to keep it for myself indefinitely.) Anyways, in the … Continue reading


What’s the most real thing you’ve ever felt? What experience has felt the most real in your life? Neither of those questions do complete justice to what I’m trying to get at.  But I think we often go through life merely touching and then moving past experiences and emotions.  Rarely do we experience something that … Continue reading

And Then What?

I love real movies. What I mean are movies that explore a core aspect of life by telling a story with minimal glitz or glam.  Movies that are hyper-focused, some may say slow-moving or even common.  Movies that capture nuance to uncover the quiet pain and beautiful strength of what it means to be human. … Continue reading

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