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No one is looking.

Have you ever wanted to discover who you are? And I mean the real you. The irreducible image of yourself. Whatever is beneath all the layers of stage play and the heavy weight of expectations and assumptions. The depths, not of who you want to be, but of who you really are. I think we’ve falsely attributed the quest … Continue reading

A Question.

For the last two years, every Monday morning at 7:30AM a group of about 6 girlfriends and I occupy the largest table at Peet’s Coffee in Evanston.  It’s not a very big table, nor is it a very big coffee shop, so we most often end up collecting every unoccupied chair in the place.  Each … Continue reading

(30 days) of Ideas – Week 1

I used to get frustrated when I would ask people what they thought about something, or what ideas they had, only to receive blank stares on confused faces.  My mind would be exploding with thoughts and all I got in return was a pair of shrugged shoulders.  I have come to realize that people need … Continue reading

In 7 Years

I get Seth Godin’s blog sent to my email every day.  (And if you don’t, you should!  Click on the Website tab of this page to find out how.)  Reading his blog is probably one of the most valuable daily routines I have. Today he asked the question – Seven years from now, what will … Continue reading

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