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Earlier this summer Seth Godin wrote his 5,000th blog post. This is my 201st blog post. I started this blog on January 1, 2010. That means I’m averaging about a blog post a week. (As I write that I realize I hate — no greatly dislike and distrust — averages so I don’t know why I’m … Continue reading

For now, I matter.

Permanent: Forever always remain, stuck. One choice really, makes them all. But, what, is permanent? Life? No. Death? Not even that. What dies today becomes the breath; the physical and spiritual sustenance of tomorrow. Icebergs melt. Fires destroy forests. The tallest buildings crumble. The mightiest of empires collapse. Hearts break and heal. Babies grow up. … Continue reading

We Are What We Eat

Bread goes through three transformations of life and death in the steps it takes to go from wheat to eat. The first is when seeds are harvested (a euphemism for death) in order to become wheat. The seeds contain potential for life and must be crushed in order to release that life. Next, the wheat, … Continue reading

Order Matters.

How stories begin and end change the way we perceive what happens in between. A story’s order matters. “Once upon a time” sets our expectations for what will follow, just as “happily ever after” helps us understand what just took place. The arrangement of a story – where it begins, where it ends, and what happens … Continue reading

The Boundaries of Life and Death

Have you ever been a part of celebrating a new life entering the world? When someone is born you dream, you imagine, you envision this new, little person’s future. We look forward to who he will become and what she will do. What about mourning the end of a life? Family and friends come together to … Continue reading

How Do You See the World?

American Beauty, The Wrestler, 127 Hours, Black Swan, Slumdog Millionaire, Precious, and The King’s Speech. Over the last several years, these are some of the films that have either premiered or won awards at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). These are also some of my favorite films; ones that have changed the way I see, … Continue reading

Do you get it yet?

The answer, I think, should always be no. Like a good poem, or a meaningful song, you don’t ‘get’ it in the first experience. What about the 20th reading? Or the hundredth time you’ve heard it? How long until you get it; until you can check that box and move on to the next one? The good, … Continue reading

Heart is where the path is.

Home is where the heart is. Or is home where you find yourself? Or where you’ll always return? Or, as Edward Sharpe lyrically sweeps us of our feet, is “home wherever I’m with you”? But, really, where is this home we all so longingly spend our lives seeking and/or creating? In a story he wrote … Continue reading

Two plus Two

Ernst Lubitsch (who directed 76 films from 1914-1948, three of which received Oscar nominations) said, “Let the audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever.” This is brilliant. And I think it’s what distinguishes real art from propaganda, preaching, our approach to education, basically everything else. Do you trust your audience (and your … Continue reading

I don’t want a recount.

My friend Katharine is really smart. Often she will say something in passing that sticks in my head and ends up in a blog post. This is one of those posts. Katharine is in high school and she recently told me about a paper she wrote (I think it was for her English class), in which … Continue reading

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