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Difficult Business

In light of otherness, us-ness, and one-another-ness, I think the question becomes: What does this mean for how I live? How do I participate in this radical, one-anothering kind of life? Peter Block wrote a wonderful book titled, The Answer to How Is Yes. Our biggest life questions don’t require mechanical, step-by-step answers (as if those could even … Continue reading

Serious Charm

What do we do with important ideas? Because merely having them doesn’t count for much. The charm of our imagination, our words, and the spaces between them become the stories we tell. These stories have the power to determine if someone listens to and trusts what we say. Stories spread ideas. Important ideas need better … Continue reading

A Contest Over Social Imagination

This is an excerpt from a book about torture. While I can only hope (and assume) that none of us will ever be victims or perpetrators of torture, I believe this is hugely significant in addressing what I believe is the fundamental question of our existence: What is real? “Modern torture as practiced in Chile … Continue reading

Tarried or Stuck.

Some synonyms: Tarry (v.) // linger, stay, remain, pause, (a)bide, wait, dawdle. Stuck (v.) // remain, stay, linger, dwell, persist, continue, last, endure, burn. Are these two words different? I feel an intrinsic draw to the idea of tarryness. It feels holy, intentional, strong. Yet stuckness exposes my fear of being trapped, claustrophobic, static, boring, afraid. How do two words that are … Continue reading

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