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The Issues of Identity

In Some Further Words, Wendell Berry wrestles with what it means to be human – who we are, where we come from, and how we live. He writes: I think the issues of “identity” mostly are poppycock. We are what we have done, which includes our promises, includes our hopes, but promises first. I know a … Continue reading

What’s makes you, you?

This is a constant ponder of mine. How do we develop our identities? Where does this knowledge come from? What experiences have made you, you? I’m reading Interior Castles by the great mystic Teresa of Avila. She writes this almost preposterous claim, “I do not know if I have explained this clearly: self-knowledge is so important that, even if you … Continue reading

No one is looking.

Have you ever wanted to discover who you are? And I mean the real you. The irreducible image of yourself. Whatever is beneath all the layers of stage play and the heavy weight of expectations and assumptions. The depths, not of who you want to be, but of who you really are. I think we’ve falsely attributed the quest … Continue reading

Love After Love

Here is a poem my friend Carrie sent me not too long ago: Love After Love The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger … Continue reading

An Honorable Human Relationship

“An honorable human relationship – that is one in which two people have the right to use the word love – is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying for both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.” -Adrienne Rich I am drawn to the idea of relationships – whether … Continue reading

Following the Leader, the Leader, the Leader

When did being a “follower” become unpopular? When did we start using it as a way to dismiss someone’s cool-factor? When did we become so obsessed with leadership that we forgot a key component to leading is the following? Yes, we all have places and domains in life where we lead; where we’re in charge. … Continue reading

Peet’s Questions.

Recently I’ve been reading about identity – how knowing God and knowing myself are intimately connected.  We can’t know God outside of knowing ourselves and we can’t know ourselves outside of knowing God.  With this pondering in mind, and in honor of Valentine’s day, last Monday’s question was: How do you uniquely experience love?  And … Continue reading

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