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What’s an Idea?

I’ve always loved ideas. Having them, talking about them, writing about them, implementing them. I’m part of an innovators group through my church for people launching their own ideas into action. We meet every week to collaborate about the progress and development of our projects. Album producing, micro-green gardening, injury prevention training, tutoring, yoga instructing. … Continue reading

Serious Charm

What do we do with important ideas? Because merely having them doesn’t count for much. The charm of our imagination, our words, and the spaces between them become the stories we tell. These stories have the power to determine if someone listens to and trusts what we say. Stories spread ideas. Important ideas need better … Continue reading

The Same Room

Something powerful happens when you sit face-to-face, in the same room with people: ideas spread. There’s really no other magic to it.  Sure, a common purpose helps.  Shared interests.  Passionate and interesting people.  An engaging starting point.  More than a couple hours of uninterrupted time.  Maybe a touch of feng shui. But the bottom line … Continue reading

Good Ideas

I’ve been bombarded recently with the theme of good ideas, more specifically where they come from. This video: This blog. And this conference: (This talk in particular) I really like the theory that good ideas coming from a series of different people’s hunches developing and intersecting over a period of time. What are some of your … Continue reading

(days 29 & 30)

Loooong overdue… (day 29) – The newest OK GO music video.  For me this video exactly captures creativity and thinking differently. (day 30) – The Opening Stanza from T.S. Elliot’s The Rock: “The Eagle soars in the summit of Heaven, The Hunter with his dogs pursues his circuit. O perpetual revolution of configured stars, O … Continue reading

(30 days of ideas) – Week 4

“Spend your time coming up with better ideas.” -Seth Godin day (22) – What Could You Live Without? My dad sent me this article from the NY Times about a 14 year old girl’s crazy idea that her family actually followed through on.  As a result, my parents may be moving soon : ) day … Continue reading

(30 days) of Ideas – Week 2

Let the idea generating, thinking, and discussing continue… (day 8 ) – On Adventure. (A quote I discovered on one of my very favorite blogs: http://www.sarahrhoads.com/blog/ –> go check it out.) “Adventure is a path. Real adventure — self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world.  The world the way … Continue reading

(30 days) of Ideas – Week 1

I used to get frustrated when I would ask people what they thought about something, or what ideas they had, only to receive blank stares on confused faces.  My mind would be exploding with thoughts and all I got in return was a pair of shrugged shoulders.  I have come to realize that people need … Continue reading

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