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Experience Not Freedom

From 10Am to 11PM on Saturday a group of friends and I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies (the extended versions).  We ate all the hobbit meals: second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, supper, etc.  It was one of those days you always talk about doing, but never actually do it.  Well, we did, … Continue reading

Experience Freedom.

I got an email from my good friend Shalyn last week that said: “AMAZING. Please write a blog post about it. People are incredible. Gosh 120 years ago we couldn’t fly. Now we base jump.”  And then there was a link to this video, As the maid of honor in her wedding this summer, I’m … Continue reading

FREE; revisited through music

You know that moment when you’re listening to a song you’ve heard a hundred times before, but for some reason in this particular listening you “hear” it for the first time? This happened to me yesterday as I was listening to Patty Griffin.  The line that initially grabbed me was, “it’s hard to be free / … Continue reading


I love words.  I think they’re important and healing and powerful.  These are not my words, but words I’m very much feeling (with a minor change at the end):  The minor change: I haven’t given up thinking about it.  I  think I’ve only just begun.  I just don’t have my own words yet to explain. … Continue reading

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