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Awe: an overwhelming feeling produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like. When was the last time you felt awe? If it’s been a while, slow down and open your eyes to what (and who) is around you. What was your response to being awed? Were you overcome – or maybe paralyzed – by fear? Awe is a beautiful, powerful, overwhelming experience that … Continue reading


Does anyone remember the TV show GUTS on Nickelodeon?  There was the wave pool.  The red, blue, and purple contestants ‘spilling their guts.’  The aggro crag.  It only ran from 1992-95 so while I’m not exactly sure who reads this blog, chances are good that you never saw an episode.  Don’t worry, though, because I’m … Continue reading

The Best.

Are you waiting to be the best before you do something? Stop. Stop waiting and digging your heals in the sand.  Stop making excuses.  Stop re-writing and re-thinking and re-doing.  Stop striving.  Stop talking about it.  Stop complaining.  Stop being stuck in the need for perfection. Instead, start going and doing and moving.  Start creating … Continue reading


I want to be the kind of person who feels.  Who moves through emotions, not away from them.  Who can genuinely answer the question: “How are you?”  I want to be aware of myself.  I want to exude empathy.  I want to burn for the full breadth and depth and experience of human emotion.  I … Continue reading

Move it.

Often, in the midst of life’s big decisions and heartache people wonder, Where is God in all this?  Why isn’t He showing up and telling me what to do?  Why isn’t He doing anything to fix it? I agree that it’s hard to believe, let alone tangibly experience, that God is active and moving both … Continue reading

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