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The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain is my newest, go to C.S. Lewis recommendation.  If you haven’t read it, you should. Pain is the question of how we reconcile a good, creator-God with our present experience of suffering.  It is a uniquely Judeo-Christian problem.  As always, C.S. Lewis is profound and direct: “to surrender a self-will inflamed … Continue reading

Selection, Waste & Narrowing

We assume, I think, that because God is big and all-encompassing and above and beyond and Other; that because He created us and the whole world, well, we assume that God works in the big and general and abstract.  When we consider history, our experience, and even nature, however, we discover a different reality. ——————————– … Continue reading

The Joy of Books.

Reasons I love this video: It’s beautiful, full of joy, and just plain fun to watch! I appreciate patience and attention to detail in an entirely deeper way. The “critically acclaimed” Whoopie Pie Cookbook is prominently featured.  (And I do love the whoopie pie!) It gives image, movement, and story to the tangible book in and … Continue reading

Reality is in the Particular

Where do you discover what’s real? Is it in general principles, general abstractions, general experience?  Is reality found in the universal?  OR, do you discover reality in particular natures, particular stories, particular characters?  Is reality found in the here and now? Our philosophies teach us to be generalists.  We assume that reality, by nature, must … Continue reading

The genre of the letter:

CS Lewis is known to have written over 10,000 letters in his lifetime. I’m going to try and write 365. Yes, my 2012 Project is to write and mail one letter every day this year.  That’s $160 in stamps.  That’s, well, a lot of trips to the post office and lots of shopping at the … Continue reading

In the verge.

That intangible sense, deep in your soul, that’s telling you something is coming. You can’t ignore it but you can’t quite name it either. It’s so illusive that you hesitate to talk about it with even your closest friends. And even if you tried, talk would cheapen it somehow. Without really knowing what it is, … Continue reading


I’m on vacation (REAL VACATION!) for the next week and I’m very much looking forward to it.  No computer, no phone, no internet.  Just me, my family, several C.S. Lewis books, and a heavy dose of rest. I’ll be back to [refreshed & refocused] writing soon!  Until then, enjoy what I hope is a wonder-full … Continue reading

The Memory of a Memory

What is nostalgia?  I typed that question and then had to go look up the word because I wasn’t actually sure.  As you are probably saying to yourself right now, yes, nostalgia is a longing for the past, often in an idealized form.  But Wikipedia also told me it comes from a compound of  two … Continue reading

Severe Mercies

I just finished the only book I’ve ever read twice.  CS Lewis scoffs at men who don’t re-read good literature…yikes!  And coincidentally CS Lewis plays a key role in this story. Anyways, the book is called A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken.  In his own words, “this book is the spiritual autobiography of a love rather than … Continue reading


Where do you feel the most safe?  The kind of safe where you stop calculating your actual presence within a space.  Where you stop analyzing motivations.  Where you aren’t tabulating or tracking actions and words and attention.  You stop doing and thinking and instead you are just, well, you, in the truest, most authentic form … Continue reading

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