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The Violence of Speed

Take a moment to think about the projects, people, relationships, and strangers you hurt (on a daily basis) by moving too fast. Think of the moments and opportunities you’ve missed for the sake of getting to the next moment that you, by habituated instinct, will arrive at only to rush through as well. Think of the violence … Continue reading

…mean what they say.

This quarter I am taking a directed study Seminary course on the art of reading the Bible. What I’ve come to see is that this practice also encompasses the art of being alive, of being human, and of living in relationship with others and the Other. In its simplest form I’m learning that an artful … Continue reading

A Self-Portrait.

Rembrandt did over 100 self-portraits (I want to say of himself, but that would be redundant). I was introduced to this factoid at the Norton Simon museum last night (which houses his well-known self-portrait above) and after a little more research this morning, have some of my own (self)-reflections: The purpose behind Rembrandt’s vast number of … Continue reading

Two plus Two

Ernst Lubitsch (who directed 76 films from 1914-1948, three of which received Oscar nominations) said, “Let the audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever.” This is brilliant. And I think it’s what distinguishes real art from propaganda, preaching, our approach to education, basically everything else. Do you trust your audience (and your … Continue reading

Into the Dark

Along with writing on this blog, I also write for the website rednow.com (that’s wonder spelled backwards…get it? Cool, right?).  You can read more about the site by clicking here.  We are in the process of re-branding, improving, and re-launching the platform from which we hope to point people (like YOU!) towards experiences of wonder; … Continue reading


One of the only things I remember from 7th grade science class with Ms. Pugliese is the definition of inertia – objects at rest remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force. In his newest book, LINCHPIN, Seth Godin describes what it takes to be indispensable in today’s new economy and job market.  … Continue reading

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