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Repairing the Cosmos: Things hidden and things healed.

I heard this story by physician Rachel Naomi Remen during an On Being podcast today. It’s a story she remembers her grandfather reciting about tikkun olam, the repairing of the cosmos: In the beginning there was only the holy darkness; the Ein Sof, the source of life. And then in the course of history, at a moment … Continue reading

What’s an Idea?

I’ve always loved ideas. Having them, talking about them, writing about them, implementing them. I’m part of an innovators group through my church for people launching their own ideas into action. We meet every week to collaborate about the progress and development of our projects. Album producing, micro-green gardening, injury prevention training, tutoring, yoga instructing. … Continue reading

What Do We Need To Become?

How To Survive A Plague is a powerful story about justice, collective anger, life and death in the midst of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980‘s. It’s a story that remembers how the ACT UP community in New York City came together to research and protest in order for AIDS-infected people to be seen as … Continue reading

I think, therefore I don’t know.

I’m studying Ludwig Wittgenstein this summer with a group of friends (a seminarian’s idea of fun). Ludwig was a philosopher born in 1889 who wrote about almost everything, including language and how it creates, interprets, and engages reality. He writes from an alternative philosophical foundation to Descartes’, “I think, therefore I am.” — I just … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror

When was the last time you saw something in yourself that needed to change? To live life in a way that is self-implicating is a difficult task. It requires listening. Listening to your community, your relationships, your family, the books you read, the shows you watch, and the films you see. It means holding more … Continue reading

How Do You See the World?

American Beauty, The Wrestler, 127 Hours, Black Swan, Slumdog Millionaire, Precious, and The King’s Speech. Over the last several years, these are some of the films that have either premiered or won awards at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). These are also some of my favorite films; ones that have changed the way I see, … Continue reading

Light + Dark

What is light’s relationship to darkness? A persistent ponder of mine, one that confronts me quite often from all sorts of different angles: “The darkness is not the absence of light, but the terror that comes from the blinding light.” – Jacob Boehme “The darkness and the light are both alike” -Psalm 139:12 “We travelers, walking to … Continue reading

Do you get it yet?

The answer, I think, should always be no. Like a good poem, or a meaningful song, you don’t ‘get’ it in the first experience. What about the 20th reading? Or the hundredth time you’ve heard it? How long until you get it; until you can check that box and move on to the next one? The good, … Continue reading


Who are you doing this for?  I’m imagining your “this” probably doesn’t involve building a tree house “for your son.”  But take a moment to think about what you’re doing; what you’re making; what you’re building. Who is it really for?  Does something (your motivation, your execution, your product, your audience, your marketing) need to change?

3 Questions

Three questions that have the power to move you: 1. Who do you want to be? 2. What do you want to do? 3. What do you want to make? It’s never too late to answer (or re-answer) any of them.

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