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Hopeful Tears

My third CD compilation is finally finished!  This one has taken me months to get right and I’m really proud of it. For some background: A little over a year ago I wanted to compile a playlist of songs that together told to the narrative of, well, God, the Gospel, our own humanity and relationship … Continue reading

3 Songs

I’m in the midst of compiling my third mixed tape, titled: What Now?  I am once again discovering that the experience of making these playlists is a redemptive, healing, and creative process.  (Read about my first one HERE, and the second one HERE.) Here’s a three song preview… “From This One Place”  by Sara Groves   “Forgiveness”  … Continue reading

FREE; revisited through music

You know that moment when you’re listening to a song you’ve heard a hundred times before, but for some reason in this particular listening you “hear” it for the first time? This happened to me yesterday as I was listening to Patty Griffin.  The line that initially grabbed me was, “it’s hard to be free / … Continue reading


I love words.  I think they’re important and healing and powerful.  These are not my words, but words I’m very much feeling (with a minor change at the end):  The minor change: I haven’t given up thinking about it.  I  think I’ve only just begun.  I just don’t have my own words yet to explain. … Continue reading

The “Put Back” Album

(Click here for a PDF of the track list) This playlist is called The “Put Back” Album for two reasons. First, because the best way I can describe heart break is to experience the joy, the surprise, the hopeful expectation of being chosen … And then to feel like you’ve been “put back” on the … Continue reading


One of my most recent posts (sadly it was way back in December) was about my exploration in being fully known and fully loved.  I’ve been sitting in this concept for several months and firmly believe that being alive presupposes the need to be known and loved. Over the last couple months, I’ve been experiencing … Continue reading

Fully Known, Fully Loved

Merry Christmas! The last few months I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be fully known and fully loved – by yourself, by others, and by God.  This seems to be an especially salient topic during the Christmas season, as Jesus enters our world to demonstrate the degree to which we are known and … Continue reading

How do you HEAR music?

Thanks to the guidance of some key people in my life, the last few years have been a continual process of learning not just to look at, but to SEE the things around me differently.  Movies have been the most prominent forum for this, to such an extent that it’s the only way I can … Continue reading

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