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Repairing the Cosmos: Things hidden and things healed.

I heard this story by physician Rachel Naomi Remen during an On Being podcast today. It’s a story she remembers her grandfather reciting about tikkun olam, the repairing of the cosmos: In the beginning there was only the holy darkness; the Ein Sof, the source of life. And then in the course of history, at a moment … Continue reading


Earlier this summer Seth Godin wrote his 5,000th blog post. This is my 201st blog post. I started this blog on January 1, 2010. That means I’m averaging about a blog post a week. (As I write that I realize I hate — no greatly dislike and distrust — averages so I don’t know why I’m … Continue reading

A Graduation Poem

Listen as you read: Onto a Vast Plain by Rainer Maria Rilke You are not surprised at the force of the storm— you have seen it growing. The trees flee. Their flight sets the boulevards streaming. And you know: he whom they flee is the one you move toward. All your senses sing him, as … Continue reading

The responsibility of words; the challenge of silence.

Do you see people who are quick to speak? There is more hope for fools than for them. -Psalm 29:20 Words are binding. They create promises, expectations, relationships, and reality. They carry the potential to hurt or heal. To delight or disappoint. To shock and surprise. This is true in all facets of life – … Continue reading

…mean what they say.

This quarter I am taking a directed study Seminary course on the art of reading the Bible. What I’ve come to see is that this practice also encompasses the art of being alive, of being human, and of living in relationship with others and the Other. In its simplest form I’m learning that an artful … Continue reading

Experience Not Freedom

From 10Am to 11PM on Saturday a group of friends and I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies (the extended versions).  We ate all the hobbit meals: second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, supper, etc.  It was one of those days you always talk about doing, but never actually do it.  Well, we did, … Continue reading

Hopeful Tears

My third CD compilation is finally finished!  This one has taken me months to get right and I’m really proud of it. For some background: A little over a year ago I wanted to compile a playlist of songs that together told to the narrative of, well, God, the Gospel, our own humanity and relationship … Continue reading

Having a Young Life Leader

In the process of starting two different Young Life ministries this year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I’m trying to accomplish.  What is my main objective?  What do I hope to establish?  It’s not often that you get to start something from nothing so I want to be wise and intentional … Continue reading

Words are important

…or they wouldn’t exist. This has became sort of a mantra-turned-joke of mine.  Something I (along with others) found myself saying often, mostly because I strongly believe it’s true.  But admittedly it’s also a rather ridiculous, easy-to-mock statement, and certainly not the best logic I’ve ever drawn upon. (Lots of things exist that aren’t important … Continue reading

the art of stopping

And not the kind of stopping that involves the potentially recalled breaks on my Toyota Prius… Beginnings are some of my favorite things.  It’s really fun to start something new – a craft, a hobby, a volunteer position, a friendship, even a blog!  : )  But it doesn’t seem to be quite as fun or … Continue reading

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