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Writing as Processing

The non-profit I started, called Level Ground, is finishing a big fundraising campaign on Indiegogo today! I’ve been writing a lot on behalf of Level Ground for this campaign and wanted to share these posts here because I am proud of them and have been processing a lot about what I’m doing through writing each … Continue reading

What’s an Idea?

I’ve always loved ideas. Having them, talking about them, writing about them, implementing them. I’m part of an innovators group through my church for people launching their own ideas into action. We meet every week to collaborate about the progress and development of our projects. Album producing, micro-green gardening, injury prevention training, tutoring, yoga instructing. … Continue reading

The Tyranny of Timeliness

In a culture obsessed with timeliness, there is something especially freeing about three little letters: ish. When I have plans that start at 8ish, or I tell a friend I’ll meet them around 3:30ish, my posture shifts from rushed, hurried, and anxious, to a joyful sense of adventure and journey. When I don’t feel the … Continue reading

Making reality disappear.

I heard this quote on NPR the other day (I think in an All Things Considered interview with some musician): “To make something real you have to make reality disappear.” Maybe it’s a spontaneous dance party or taking the long way home from work with the windows down and the music blaring. Maybe it’s a long walk or … Continue reading

Wired for struggle, Worthy of love.

This morning, my friend Heather recommended I watch this TED talk on the power of vulnerability. Please take 20 minutes – if not right now, then soon – and watch it. This puts words (and research I suppose) to my journey over the last 15 months. Of accepting and claiming the courage to be imperfect, … Continue reading

Experience Freedom.

I got an email from my good friend Shalyn last week that said: “AMAZING. Please write a blog post about it. People are incredible. Gosh 120 years ago we couldn’t fly. Now we base jump.”  And then there was a link to this video, As the maid of honor in her wedding this summer, I’m … Continue reading

A Living Library

Not even a year ago I gave Henri Nouwen’s Turn My Mourning Into Dancing to my friend, Sara.  I had just finished the book on a plane ride to Baltimore and as Sara and I sat together catching up, it was overwhelmingly clear that I must leave it with her.  A couple weeks ago I … Continue reading

The Same Room

Something powerful happens when you sit face-to-face, in the same room with people: ideas spread. There’s really no other magic to it.  Sure, a common purpose helps.  Shared interests.  Passionate and interesting people.  An engaging starting point.  More than a couple hours of uninterrupted time.  Maybe a touch of feng shui. But the bottom line … Continue reading

The genre of the letter:

CS Lewis is known to have written over 10,000 letters in his lifetime. I’m going to try and write 365. Yes, my 2012 Project is to write and mail one letter every day this year.  That’s $160 in stamps.  That’s, well, a lot of trips to the post office and lots of shopping at the … Continue reading

In the verge.

That intangible sense, deep in your soul, that’s telling you something is coming. You can’t ignore it but you can’t quite name it either. It’s so illusive that you hesitate to talk about it with even your closest friends. And even if you tried, talk would cheapen it somehow. Without really knowing what it is, … Continue reading

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