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Find Opportunity

I want to be the kind of person who finds opportunity.  Who knows there is always a light and dark way to experience the world, and who chooses the light.  Every time.  When life is easy or hard, broken or aligned, when tears are streaming down my face or I’m laughing so hard my belly hurts (or both are happening at the same time), I want to be the kind of person who sees what I can do and embraces fully what I will do with the opportunity of life that I’ve been given.

I want to be a person who sees the world with eyes of wonder.  At all that is out there for the taking and the experiencing.  We can be victims hiding and protecting ourselves from the unexpected beatings life will most certainly deliver or we can be adventurers, holding unswervingly to the hope and the opportunity of what’s now and what’s next.

I pick the adventure one.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.  From discord, find harmony.  In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein


About Samantha Curley

Hi! My name is Samantha Curley. I live in Pasadena, California where I run a non-profit organization called Level Ground (onlevelground.org). I like to ponder, ask questions, and share stories about life, art, and faith.


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