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More versus Enough

We live in a world that tells us that more is always possible.  In fact, it’s favorable.  More money, more people, more projects, more friends, more hobbies, more clothes, more houses, more parties, more clients. More, more, more.

At a certain point this “more-ing” spirals into what I think is the opposite of living.

When is enough?  Where is it?  How will you determine when you’re there?  And what will you do to temper the “more-ing” that’s going on all around you?

Enough doesn’t have to mean being stopped, or stuck, or bored.

But we have to break the correlation between a full life and a full calendar.  Or a full wallet.  Or closet.  Or address book. 


About Samantha Curley

Hi! My name is Samantha Curley. I live in Pasadena, California where I run a non-profit organization called Level Ground (onlevelground.org). I like to ponder, ask questions, and share stories about life, art, and faith.


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