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License Plate Marketing

I saw this license plate in front of me while I was driving yesterday.

Of course my mind immediately jumped to what it could mean.  Do I need to forgive someone?  Who?  Why?  What does it mean to forgive?  Blahblahblah.  And then I started thinking about how many other people see this exact same license plate EVERYDAY and have these exact same thoughts.  My mind shifted to the driver of the car.  Who was he?  What motivated him to pay extra money for a license plate like that?  Was he trying to manipulate me into thinking these things?  Does he just drive around all day getting as much face time for his license plate as possible?  Did he think this tactic would work?  The truth is I had fallen (if only for a moment) into his trap.

And this made me angry.

A little bit because I don’t like being or thinking like “everyone else” (a pride issue I need to work through independently of this post) but mostly because I realize how desperate I am for direction and how easily I fall for anything that even smells like a sign of what to do or where to go.  Don’t get me wrong, forgiveness is good and important.  That’s not the point.  The point is the license plate could have said “quit” or “wait” or “eatmorchikin” or “today is national coffee day” and I probably would have given it just as much thought.

I was made, we all were, to follow something.  Good marketing is a powerfully scary thing because of this. There’s a lot to choose from – celebrities, fashion, money, heck even a license plate apparently.  In this fickle and woozy world my deepest hope is that I follow Jesus and not the nicely packaged, alluring, and ultimately fleeting crap that the world tries to feed me.


About Samantha Curley

Hi! My name is Samantha Curley. I live in Pasadena, California where I run a non-profit organization called Level Ground (onlevelground.org). I like to ponder, ask questions, and share stories about life, art, and faith.


One thought on “License Plate Marketing

  1. As your mother, I’m going to FORGIVE you for taking a picture while you were driving!

    Posted by Judy Curley | September 30, 2011, 1:10 PM

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